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[04 Oct 2006|11:02pm]
To all the nasty ass people who smell like B-O.

Laundry detergent. Bodywash. Deodorant. Cologne/Perfume.

Learn. Use.
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[04 Oct 2006|12:43pm]
Dear Mother Nature,

It would be greatly appreciated if when I have to wake up at 6.30am to go to class, that the first thing I see when I look out the windown ISN'T lightning.

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[02 Oct 2006|11:42pm]
So I've finally gotten around to getting myself an AIM account. And I have two people on my list. But I get to use it with iChat, which I must say is a really cute program! haha
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[28 Sep 2006|01:09pm]
So, I was on the bus yesterday on my way downtown, and a group of highschool girls came on. And they were from a private or a catholic/religious school. And now I would like to discuss their uniforms.

Now, I find most school girl uniforms all follow the same style, and generally have the same rules. And because I have two sisters, I'm somewhat familiar with those rules. And as I saw these girls, I don't know how they get away with wearing their uniforms like that.

Firstly, I know that the bottoms of the kilts/skirts are not allowed to be no more than 2 inches above the knees. Let me say that these girls' skirts were definitely more than 2 inches higher than their knees. They were standing in front of me, and if I were to have slouched down over a bit, I could've easily seen up their skirts. Like, what are you trying to do? Seem more inviting? blah... My sisters' school was relatively strict about this (from what recall anyways). Like they would have random checks where the teachers would actually take a ruler and measure, and if it was higher than 2 inches, you'd be sent home to get changed.

Secondly, their shirts and bras. I generally think that a hot pink bra is not part of the school uniform...especially when you can clearly see it through your white shirt. And the shirt itself, well it should actually fit you. If the buttons are straining to keep your breasts from popping out, it's a sign that you've got the wrong size shirt on. We wouldn't to have a "wardrobe malfunction" happen in the middle of math class now do we?

Clearly what I'm saying is that little girls today need to dress like little girls.

And I know I have a policy that "if you've got it, flaunt it"...but I'm modifying that to apply to those who are of legal age.
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[24 Sep 2006|07:45pm]
I've said it before, and I'll say it again....Parking garages should not be allowed to charge you per half and hour when it takes you over 20 minutes to find a parking spot.

And while i'm on the topic of annoyance...stores should not put things on display that they don't actually sell.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm supposed to be reading, but somehow I've rationalized in my head that because I can't find an orange highlighter, I can't do my reading. And yes, it has to be orange.
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[18 Sep 2006|09:20pm]
so, apparently the rain likes me too much, cuz every day it's rained here, I've had to walk in it. Now, I do enjoy walking in the rain, it fun. But not when it makes me sick. Cuz being sick is just not hot.

On a completely un related note, this weekend was awesome (for those of you who don't know, I was out in Waterloo visiting people). But yeah, I must say that REN is definitely one of my favourite places to go out to. And a lot of people look at me weird when I say that, but I always have fun there, and it's nice to see people there.

Point being, it's the second week of classes, and I'm already behind on my readings, hahah. And I don't plan on catching up anytime soon. Hell, I'm not planning on starting until next week until I have to for my reading summary. ..... baaaad Mark. hahaha
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[12 Sep 2006|08:33pm]
haha! I'm still alive!

So yeah, classes have started this week (actually they started last week, I just didn't have any). So far they've been pretty good and interesting (all two classes). Yeah, i'm only taking two classes (just cuz of scheduling and my transfer credits), but they're both equal to 1.5 courses, so i'm actually taking three. I keep telling people that to make myself feel less guilty about only taking two classes, lol.

Anyways, yeah, it's a commute to school, 'bout 40 minutes. Not too bad, it's like how it was when I was back in Melbourne. York's campus is much nicer than Waterloo's, and they've got much more there too.

I've also vowed to try and take more pictures. I'm adding that to the list of things I need to do more.

The summer was pretty good, did lots of travelling, met new people, made new friends. I've lost touch with a couple of friends over the summer two, which I will say was because I didn't try hard enough to keep them in my life. So along with taking more pictures and being more outspoken, I'm going to try and bring those friendships (those that are repairable) back to what they once were.
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[22 Aug 2006|11:02am]
People shouldn't be allowed to charge you every 1/2 hour for parking when it takes you 22 minutes to find a parking spot....
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[11 Aug 2006|10:12pm]
hahaha, an update...finally! (cuz some people 'ave been complaining) and apparetly I'm having trouble typing today...

Anyways, summer has been good. My grandma had a bypass surgery earlier this week, and it went well. Now she's at the hospital for observation. The surgery went well, and she wants to go home sooo bad. haha. She's trying to convince each of us to take her out of the hospital and drive her home...and that no one will notice.

I'm off to halifax on Sunday. It's sort of a random road trip. Was suppose to just go to Montreal, but then we were like..."why not just extend the trip to Halifax?" quite exicted about this trip.
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[15 Jul 2006|04:31pm]
Today's Lesson:

Good cookies are NOT easy to make. And never trust internet recipes cuz people are crazy.
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HOME! [07 Jun 2006|10:49pm]
I'm baaaaaaack! In Canada that is.

Europe was tons and tons of fun.

Will post more about the actual trip laters!

(i will say this though...Europe has some really hot guys, but being on that flight home made me realize that generally, Canadians are hotter)
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from Prague [12 May 2006|11:42am]
updating briefly from Prague!!

haaha, trip has been a blast so far. Lots of walking! Legs and ass should be in good shape by the time I get back!

Prague is an amazing city, London was fun, but too expensive.

I gotta go now! I'll update fully when I get home!

miss everyone back on the otherside of the atlantic, hope all is well.
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[05 May 2006|12:37pm]
Leave for Europe today!

Probably won't post for another month or so (but that's not outta the ordinary!)

I'll update when I get back!

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[01 May 2006|08:17pm]
Yes yes, I'm still alive.

It's finally starting to warm up here! No more snow! No more cold! The sun is out, and it's time to start tanning.

I realize that it has been almost a month (I think) since I last updated, and I have no excuse really, not that I really care to give one anyways.

I've moved back to Toronto, no more Waterloo or small town living anymore. Starting at York in the fall. It'll be interesting to see how i adjust to living at home again. I can't afford to move out on my own here just yet. I've started to choose classes for next year. Luckily, I don't have to take any electives and just core courses, which hopefully will cut down this degree, but with the joint schools program that I'm hoping to get into later on, I don't know if that'll be possible. But whatever.

I also need to look for a job. But that won't be happening till after Europe. I realize that I probably should've started looking way earlier, but now it's too late. Leaving in 4 days and won't be back for a month!

Point being, I'm done one degree, starting another (no. 2 of I don't know, as many as it takes to figure out what i wanna do). Hopefully this will be it. Anyways, it's a nice feeling to be done.

Also, when I get back, I'm going to make an effort to learn the coding and stuff for LJ to try and make my thingie look better. And to update more often.
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[13 Apr 2006|06:23pm]

it's been forever since I've updated! I'm done my undergrad at the University of Waterloo! Whoot! Now it's on to York for a second one ;-)

ANNNNDDD, it's 22 days till EUROPE! haha

AND it's a gorgeous day out.

I'm happy
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[28 Mar 2006|07:50am]
So for the past week and a half, I have spent 12+ hours of each day at school working on this design project.

In the past four days, I have spent almost 69 hours working at school.

In the past two days, I have slept a total of about 6 hours.

And it is still not done yet. It is due in 8 hours. All I want to do is sleep.

This does not a happy Mark make.
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[16 Mar 2006|11:30pm]
I went into Waterloo City Hall today to pay off a parking ticket. And when I got there, I found out that someone had already paid for it. I was a lil shocked, since I don't think anyone knew I had a parking ticket. hahah

To whoever it was, thank you! :D

(chances are that it's probably someone who doesn't read this, but I just wanted to put that thank you out there)
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[10 Mar 2006|03:30pm]
So the other day, I had a kind of realization....

I'm only 21. I still have a lot of time ahead of me.

I had gotten it in my head that after I finished this degree, I'd have to start a career and know by now what it was I'm supposed to do with my life. I thought that doing another undergrad would be cutting into my time to start my life. I thought that I had made a mistake, and that it was going to cost me later on in life.

But I'm 21. Two years ago, I was still in my teens. hahaha. To a lot of people, I'm still young.

I think that I may have been in a lil bit of a rush to grow up and settle into my life? But now I'm not...well I'm looking forward to knowing how my life will turn out, but at the same time, I enjoy being where I am now.
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[06 Mar 2006|07:08pm]
hmmm, it's been a while since I wrote anything here...

School's going well I guess, I've pretty much lost interest in all that I'm studying, which makes it that much harder to get going on any assignments I have.

Good news though, I got into York U for Communication Arts, so that's where I'll be next September. And I'll still have at least a year to figure out if I want to specialize in Creative Advertising or Corporate Communications. I'm excited. Even though this will be my second undergrad degree, it'll hopefully be the last one?

It needs to be summer, more specifically May, right now. I'm sick of the snow and the freezing temperatures. I want the sun to be out more. And I want to be done here at UW.
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[15 Feb 2006|06:23pm]
reading week is almost here...just a couple more days....so close!

last day of classes/graduation is almost here...just a couple more weeks....so close!
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