can't stop me now.

25 October 1984
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I little bit about me:
- I'm a student at the University of Waterloo, studying Urban and Regional Planning
- I like listening to Rock/Alternative, Pop and Dance
- I don't drink that much, and I don't do drugs...in fact, I'm a very boring person ;-)
- I can be an extremely sarcastic person. And sometimes will purposely do things out of spite or just to get a rise out of you
- I enjoy going out to clubs...it's a good way to let loose and go a little crazy
- I'm gay. I like guys. In that way.... But I try not to be obsessed with this fact.
- If you don't like the above statment, then you can just kiss my ass.
- I am a Catholic. Sort of. Well, more of a Pseudo-Catholic. Now I'm in the process of trying to figure out what, if anything, I believe....but I'm in no hurry ;-)
- I'm a little clueless at times. Okay maybe a lot of the time. But I swear I'm not stupid! I just lack common-sense
- My friends are my second family, and would do almost anything for them
- So, if you're cool about the above stuff, leave a message and add me to your friends list! I'm always up for meeting new people! :)

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